Reviews, reviews, reviews!

Reviews, reviews, reviews!

August 16, 2018

We are over the moon (see what we did there) with the reaction we’ve had about our watch. We’re really proud of what the quality and design of Jump Over The Moon so sent them out around the world to be independently reviewed;

A week on the wrist – MAALS Jump Over the Moon

  • ‘This is a beautiful watch – the colours, design and case are really attractive’
  • ‘It’s great to see a new design, and not something derivative of the major manufacturers’
  • ‘We love it. For the money, it’s a no-brainer to buy one of these instead of almost anything on the high street. The watch looks unique, is great to wear and you are supporting a small British business.’

Spinning some discs with MAALS Jump Over the Moon

  • ‘Frankly, there is a lot to like here, from the vintage-hearkening domed mineral crystal and leather strap, to the funkily modern display of time’
  • ‘It’s a unique look unlike anything I’ve seen as of late’

MAALS Jump Over the Moon (JOTM) on Indiegogo: prototype in the test

  • ‘Many lovely details and [the] really good workmanship’

The JOTM watch is an ode to the moon…

  • ‘Unconventional yet beautiful’
  • ‘Jump Over The Moon, or JOTM for short, is an elegant moonphase watch that combines practical with romantic, telling time that’s accurate to the second, but also beautifully depicting the phases of the moon’

Review Relógio MAALS Jump Over The Moon

We honestly have no idea of what the reviewers will say, or even if they will like JOTM when we send them one to review. We also have no control over what any of the professional reviewers will say, its been nerve wracking to say the least with a few nervous moments while waiting for a review to drop, so for them all to be positive and encouraging is amazing and a real boost to our confidence.

We won’t be sitting back though, every review and the comments that follow help us learn so we will be sending JOTM out for more independent reviews.

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The first 365(ish) days

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Believe it or not but its been almost 15 months since our website went live and we started showing off our first creation. We’ve gone from idea and a design on a computer, to profile raising, successful crowdfunding, production and finally delivery in Jan 2019. It's been a packed few months and its only the beginning

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At long last our store is live!! Thank you to everyone was has given us advice, pitched in with help and favours, photography, sharing posts and anything else I’ve not mentioned, you’ve all been fantastic!

To celebrate the launch of our site, for the month of June we’ll be offering pre-orders of our watch and its combo pack, at a 40% discount.

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All ideas great and small

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When collecting anything, you always develop favourites, ours are 70’s style jump hours, so it was a no brainer that MAALS first design would be a jump hour. But IT also needed to have that something 'extra', we just didn’t know what that ‘something’ would be yet.

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