We're a family owned Warwickshire, UK based watch designer from the minds of two brothers. We’d been collecting watches for over 20 years and the idea of starting our own watch company had been in the back of our minds for years. We’d been looking around for new watches and found that most of the watches on sale today had mostly the same look, with a few exceptions.

Having seen quite a few design-led watches being successful on Kickstarter we thought, if they can do it, why couldn’t we. Sometimes you just decide to go for it and in 2017 we did. The journey so far has been both scary and exciting, but if we didn’t go for it we’d be forever wondering. Plus creating the brand and designing watches is good fun.

Influenced by a love of all things design and Italian cars, we design and create eye catching, high quality timepieces that we’d be happy to have in our own collections.