Independent reviews

Every watch we create, we send out to be independently reviewed. We don't pay them nor give them anything in return, so we honestly have no idea or control over what any of the reviewers will say. It's a gamble worth taking we think. 

All reviews are posted here for you to read in full. 

Giri Ventiquattro reviews

Achickenswrist delight - All revved up: First impressions of the Giri Ventiquattro prototypes by Maals Watches 

  • "I love what Mark and Andy are doing. The Giri Ventiquattro is just how I wanted their next release would be; quirky, elegant, fun, creative, and totally Maals. It is not easy to combine and balance this number of features and sources of inspiration, but I do feel that they have managed to create yet another refreshing watch that dares to differ from most." 
  • "The moon, stars, sun, and clouds add soul and warmth to it all, and is for me the highlight of the Giri Ventiquattro’s design."
  • "From case to face, this watch is as Maals as it can be, unique, fresh, urban, and something you will not see around too often."

WatchJunky - 'Has MAALS managed to pull off beautiful design and functionality?

  • "If you are after a unique a beautiful timepiece then the Giri Ventiquattro is what you are after. This watch offers something many watches don’t offer a talking point while stood at your local bar. It clear catches the eye and you’ll be hard pressed to find a unique power reserved watch this good looking." 

Wristwatch UK - MAALS Giri Ventiquattro Review

  • The MAALS Giri Ventiquattro is beautifully designed and made.
  • The Giri Ventiquattro is great by any measure. If you are wondering whether or not to jump in, I can assure you it is every bit as good as it looks.


  • "With the Giri Ventiquattro MAALS offer something a bit different from the usual affordable micro pieces. It’s blend of striking dial colour, and polished markers result in a watch that’s both attractive and eye-catching."


Jump Over The Moon reviews 

A week on the wrist – MAALS Jump Over the Moon

  • ‘This is a beautiful watch – the colours, design and case are really attractive’
  • ‘It’s great to see a new design, and not something derivative of the major manufacturers’
  • We love it. For the money, it’s a no-brainer to buy one of these instead of almost anything on the high street. The watch looks unique, is great to wear and you are supporting a small British business.’

Spinning some discs with MAALS Jump Over the Moon
  • ‘Frankly, there is a lot to like here, from the vintage-hearkening domed mineral crystal and leather strap, to the funkily modern display of time’
  • ‘It’s a unique look unlike anything I’ve seen as of late’
The JOTM watch is an ode to the moon…
  • ‘Unconventional yet beautiful’
  • ‘Jump Over The Moon, or JOTM for short, is an elegant moonphase watch that combines practical with romantic, telling time that’s accurate to the second, but also beautifully depicting the phases of the moon’

MAALS Jump Over the Moon (JOTM) on Indiegogo: prototype in the test
  • ‘Many lovely details and [the] really good workmanship’
Review Relógio MAALS Jump Over The Moon
We honestly have no idea of what the reviewers will say, or even if they will like JOTM when we send them one to review. We also have no control over what any of the professional reviewers will say, its been nerve wracking to say the least with a few nervous moments while waiting for a review to drop, so for them all to be positive and encouraging is amazing and a real boost to our confidence.

We won’t be sitting back though, every review and the comments that follow help us learn so we will be sending JOTM out for more independent reviews